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We Are

A purpose-driven multi-disciplinary team focused on simplifying new technologies into a familiar way.

What We Do

We accelerate and optimize new cutting-edge technologies and give more access to businesses, institutions, ecosystems to make their own app and control their narrative.

Our Mission

Create a descentralized ecosystem of apps for powerful social, ambiental, economical impact to help and solve problems.

Our Vision

User-centric and industrial design vision to build digital products more acccesible, predictable and reliable, allowing ideas to change and optimize the world we live in.

Modular Blockchain.
White-Label Solutions.


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Modular Blockchain.
White-Label Solutions.

Profile ID
Create your unique digital identity; safe, secure, and just a click away.

Asset Tokenization

XO Tokenization empowers you to convert assets into tokens, simplifying ownership, enhancing liquidity, and facilitating seamless transactions in the blockchain space. Experience the future of asset management today.

    Custom Tokens
    KYC & Compliance
    Secondary Market

XO Finance

XO Finance transforms the way your users manage their money.
Offer a simple all in one tools mixing the complexities of blockchain technology with tradition banking effortlessly.

    Crypto Chat
    Swap & Exchange
    Buy w/ Credit Card

XO Events

XO Events transform how you manage, monetize, and gamify your events without intermediares in a simple way.
From multi-option ticket sales to customized rewards and QR code fun, your platform keeps you and your attendees connected every step of the way. - Before, During and After -

    Points & Rewards
    Tickets, Vouchers & Digital Assets
    Push Notifications

XO Pro Sports

XO Pro Sports transform how you establish a fan-centric hub that empowers fan engagement and deliver exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else.
Make them part of something bigger getting them involved in important decisions.

    Memberships & Loyalty Points
    Polls, Voting & Games
    Suscriptions & VIP Content

XO Gaming / Esports

XO Gaming elevates your community with a unified marketing command center. Engage directly with your audience, reward their loyalty with prizes, and super-power your fan engagement.

    Tournaments and Community Management
    Loyalty Points & Token Listing
    Mission & Rewards

XO Art Gallery

XO Art Gallery helps you launch your digital gallery easily. Onboard Artists, ensure authenticity and cultivate a vibrant community where Artists, Creators connect directly with Collectors and Enthusiasts.

    Digital collectibles
    VIP Memberships
    Mobile e-commerce

XO Betting

With XO Betting you can connect easily with Bets & Rewards w/ transparent algorithms. Onboard new users with Referral tool.
Pay with crypto, credit cards & other payments.
Enjoy instant updates and full game insights, all through a user-friendly setup.

    Fair-Play Algorithm
    ERC-20 listings
    Credit card payments

XO Government

XO Government transforms your City & Communities by creating Digital IDs to simplify interactions with Bureaucracy & Economy.
With blockchain capabilities you will solve important issues leveraging its transparency and traceability.


They trusted LatamXO the technology, to focus on their business.

We’ve worked with some big names.

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We know how much hard is to create a product from scratch.

Thats why we take care of everything.

This isnt just a white-label, this is fully customizable.

Seamlessly integrate your brand story into every pixel. Our platform lets you shape a distinctive identity, ensuring your product rises above the competition with ease.

We are flexible, we bring predictability to companies.

Flexibility meets predictability in our vision. Embrace change confidently, knowing our solutions seamlessly blend flexibility and predictability to optimize your business's road.

No hidden costs, no extra worries.

Transparent and hassle-free – discover the freedom of our service. No hidden costs, no extra worries. We believe in straightforward solutions, ensuring your peace of mind as you navigate a seamless experience with us.

All our expertise is on demand.

Unlock expertise at your fingertips with our on-demand solutions. Your success is our priority, and our XO DEVS expertise ensures you have the support you need 24/7.

“We suggest considering LatamXO for its strong focus on security, which resonates with Lirium's priorities, ensuring a reliable and seamless user experience.

Federico Murrone

Co-Founder | Lirium

Federico Murrone image

“Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are pivotal to a new global financial system, yet their full impact is constrained by accessibility and usability challenges. LatamXO platform is leading the charge towards widespread adoption by empowering organizations of various sizes with the necessary tools to foster circular economies on scale.”

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar | Chairman

Rootstock | IOV LABS

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar | Chairman image

“LatamXO software has been our beacon during challenging times, providing us with a complex yet user-friendly digital wallet. At GOB, we truly value the intuitive architecture and suite of handy tools this solution offers.
Extraordinarily, LatamXO bridges the gap between non-tech users and the new world of blockchain, easing the learning curve and fostering accessibility.”

Juan Cufré | CTO

Guardians of the Ball

Juan Cufré | CTO image

Fast Go-To-Market

Your White Label Solution (SaaS)

Build Fast your own Super App with your unique brand identity.

Showcase your vision through an app designed to resonate with your market. Our white-label platform invites you to discover how you can leverage existing, market-ready solutions for your own app.

In fast-moving world, you need to prioritize your growth with impactful marketing and user adoption.

Discover the XO White Label difference today and transform your market presence.


    What is Crypto Chat

    Discover the power of white label modules for your app.

    This Crypto Chat will allow users communicate and send messages peer to peer and encrypted.
    Also, interact between different blockchains and send transactions like using WhatsApp or Telegram.

      Send Messages

      Share NFTs, Tickets, Points, etc.

      Create a request payment.


    Your Dashboard.

    Your rules, your narrative.

    A dashboard management system is a web platform that enables clients to oversee, organize, and interact with their app.

      Manage your users data base.

      Real time modifications without coding.

      Push notifications.

      Manage events.

      Asset creation & Airdrops.

      Social Network Content moderation.

      Blog Posting.


    Easy User Onboarding

    The most important thing is the users first impression.

    This login will allow users to create an account with one click. Using google account or Incognito/Anonymous.

      Social Recovery.

      Multi Account Management.

    Easy User Onboarding

    They already tried it

    Take a look to LatamXO’s success cases.

    Guardians of the Ball

    XO Gaming

    client card

    Why choose LatamXO? Reduce the risk

    Projects have a successful road. Low the risk with XO.
    Dont try to re-invent the wheel. Laverage on existing solutions
    On-Chain Transactions
    Verticals Explored
    Years Developing.
    Hours Debugged platform.
    SKINS: Tickets, Memberships, Vouchers Assets, tokens, points, experience, p2p.
    Apps developed.
    Faster development
    Trusted leader in crypto.
    Modular Features
    BUROCRACY for iOS & Android Stores
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    Reduce the risk. We are your strategic technological partner.

    Create a personalized and gamified experience to reward your audience and cultivate a dedicated fan base.

    We’ve got you covered

    As Blockchain and Web3’s reach continues to grow, companies the world over, of different sizes and spectrums, are transitioning to the space looking to harness its power; optimize their activity; and implement more efficient, sustainable, and innovative business models. Regardless of the industry, with the right project, the opportunities are there. The trick is knowing how to apply it, fit to your needs, and the most out of your user base.

    That’s where we come in.

    Advice you can Trust

    Get the backing and guidance of industry experts who have built and aided some of the world’s most innovative Blockchain & Web3 platforms.


    Software Dev. as a Service

    By putting your technical needs in our expert hands, you can rest assured that your project will stay up to date to the pace of these rapidly-changing times.


    A Tailored Product

    No two projects are alike. We help you determine precisely what needs to get done to allow your particular project to impact the market with the right tools at the right time.


    Plug ‘n Play Implementation

    LatamXO’s extensive structure and sophisticated network give way to an end-to-end service that goes beyond development to expedite your product’s total time-to-market.

    Understand how we approach excellency.

    Time is ticking, don´t waste it.

    We would love to know more about your project and how we can help you get to the market with a fast, secure and scalable solution.

    Let’s adapt the technology to your company.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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